Propane Appliances and Products

Ovens And Ranges

Propane ovens and ranges deliver precise temperature control and heat distribution. If you are a serious chef or just love to cook, propane cooking is for you. Propane's heat is instant, so no waiting for the eye to heat up. Turn it on and you are ready to cook! You can adjust the flame to a low simmer, a high heat or somewhere in between and cooking with propane cost up to 50% less than electric... and they still work even when the electricty is out.

Clothes Dryers

Propane clothes dryers are a smart investment for cost-conscious homeowners. They are now designed with cutting-edge innovations like moisture sensors, pilotless ignition, and timed drying cycles. They heat up faster than the traditional electric dryers resulting in faster drying times and reduced energy costs. Propane clothes dryers produce hot air with more moisture than electric heaters, which can help relax wrinkles in the clothes. Less ironing!

Standby Generators

Propane generators can be permanently installed as a backup to your electrical system that turn on automatically when your power goes out. They come with a variety of features and sizes to fit your needs. Never be without power. Whether you need a whole house system or just a small generator to fuel a small device we can help!

Fireplaces and Gas Logs

Flip a switch and have a fire. That is the key appeal to a propane fireplace. You have the enjoyment of real flames without the hassles of solid fuel. There is no firewood to stack, bags of pellets, or messy ashes to clean. Wood burning fireplaces are 5% efficient, while propane fireplaces can be more than 90% efficient. Propane Fireplaces also offer up to 5 to 6 times the heating capacity of electric fireplaces.

Unlike old decorative gas log fireplaces today’s inserts are heat producing dynamos that use propane to power a steady flame dancing on logs, modern glass chips or stones behind sealed glass. The choice is yours. Learn More >>

Propane Grills

Propane grills are affordable, easy to use, and cleaner operating than traditional charcoal grills. Propane grills can use small tanks for the source or they can be tied in to the homeowner’s residential supply. See our complete selection of grills. Learn More>>

Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces make it quick and easy to add warmth and ambience to your outdoor living space. What better way to enjoy an evening outside than with a clean, warm fire with no soot, no wood to cut and no ashes to clean.

Patio Heaters:

For an outstanding source of heat patio heaters range in size from small table-top heaters to freestanding floor models that deliver radiant heat up to 20 feet in diameter. Propane’s clean and versatile power can raise your outdoor living temperature 10 -30 degrees.

Lighting and Flame Effects:

Propane lighting is perfect for entryways, landscaping, outdoor patios and more. Tiki torches and propane lanterns create a beautiful aesthetic and accented landscaping provides extra home security. Consider making your ordinary outdoor space extraordinary with propane.

Propane Specials

Propane Specials